安德烈亚斯可伐 全球鳄鱼2019和安德烈亚斯可伐,博士

安德烈亚斯可伐, Ph.D., F.C.P., studied 药店 at the University of Tübingen, Germany. After receiving his Ph.D., he held there a teaching position in Medicinal Chemistry. Subsequently, he did preclinical and clinical research on PK/PD correlations with a two-year scholarship of the DFG (German Research Foundation) at the University of Florida in Gainesville. In 1997 he joined Merck KGaA where he held various positions in research and clinical drug development such as Global Head Clinical Pharmacokinetics at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, and Global Head Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics for Merck Serono, Geneva; in 2008 he became Vice President, Global Head of Exploratory Medicine, with leadership for Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Biomarker Strategy and Implementation as well as Modeling and Simulation activities. Since October 2014 he is Assoc. Vice President in the area of Drug Disposition, Safety & Animal 研究 at Sanofi Aventis. Andreas is an elected member of AGAH’s Board of Regents since 2001 and a co-organizer of the annual PK/PD-Expert Meeting in Germany. In 2007 he became a Fellow of Clinical Pharmacology of the American 学院 of Clinical Pharmacology and serves since 2011 as a member of the Lake Nona Leadership Council 的 the 188体育官网 Center for Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology in Orlando.

Larry Lesko, 全球鳄鱼奖2017年拉里·莱斯克,博士,f.c.p.


保罗·多林 receives the Global Gator award2015年保罗·多林,M.S.,b.s.pharm

保罗·多林 在药物治疗和转化研究的部门在188体育官网名誉杰出服务教授,药学院。他也是全州药品信息和药品资源中心的副主任。多林获得了理学学士学位制药从188体育官网在1972年,并继续他的训练,在同一所大学,毕业后收入理学硕士临床药学于1975年,多林接受医学大学的部门作为一个位置研究助理,他设计,实施和评估在产科患者药品不良反应监测的程序。

多林与药房的实践紧密联系,虽然已经都在医院和社区环境执业药师。许多地方,州的一员,和民族医药学会,他是他的当地药店协会的前任会长。多林已被确认四倍今年的教师。在1990年3月,他在药房实践和管理的APHA的学院被授予奖学金的地位。在1993年,他收到的给用友药学院的院两级教学奖励的奖项之一。 1995年,多林晋升为尊贵的服务教授,大学的颁发给一名教师的最高荣誉,他在药学院第一教授以这种方式得到认可。


院长威廉·riffee retired in 2013 after 17 years of service and dedication to the College of Pharmacy. His compassion, support, and innovative ideas have given students the education and experience to succeed as Pharmacists. His encouragement for students to get involved with pharmacy organizations outside of the classroom has inspired students to try new learning experiences and has shaped them into leaders. Only the sixth dean in the college’s nearly 90-year history, Riffee came to UF after 21 years on the faculty of the 学院 of 药店 at the University of Texas. His first priority at UF was to strengthen its Pharm.D. curriculum by implementing problem-based learning, based on his belief that what student pharmacists learn through their studies is only the beginning of their professional practice. In addition to preparing students, he strongly supported faculty development that allowed the college’s educators to expand their teaching methods beyond traditional approaches.“Dr. Riffee’s service to the UF community in advancing pharmacy education and research is invaluable,” said David S. Guzick, M.D., Ph.D., senior vice president for health affairs and president of the UF&Shands Health System.A pioneer in distance learning, Riffee implemented tele-education programs at multiple campuses at UT, then brought similar technologies to UF. That opened UF’s professional and graduate programs to students across the U.S. and the world. Such globalized programs include the Working Pr的essional Pharm.D. program — the largest in the nation — and expanded master’s programs in forensic science, health policy, pharmaceutical chemistry, clinical toxicology, medication therapy management and clinical pharmacy. From 2001 to 2006, Riffee also served as UF associate provost for distance, continuing and executive education.


Emil Pop


博士。埃米尔流行 has had a long and illustrious career in industry and academia. Research Chemist (1962-1965); Research Scientist (1965- 1978); Principal Research Scientist, Group Leader (1978- 1983) Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Cluj, Romania. Visiting Scientist, The Rugjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia (1971-72). Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (1983-86). Senior 研究 Scientist (1986- 87); Group Leader (1987- 89); Associate Director for Chemical Development (1989-1992; Director of Chemistry (1992), Pharmatec, Inc., Alachua, FL. Director of chemistry (1992-95); Senior Director of Chemistry (1995-1998), Pharmos Corporation, Alachua, FL. Founder, President and CEO, Alchem Laboratories Corporation, Alachua, FL (1996-); Awards: The “N. Teclu” award for chemistry granted by the Romanian Academy (1980), Honors, Distinctions: Fellow, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Fellow, American Institute of Chemists, Who’s Who in: Frontiers of Science and Technology; World; Science and Engineering; South and Southeast; America (Marquis). Men of Achievement, Dictionary of International Biography, The International Who’s Who of Intellectuals, American Men and Women of Science. Courtesy Professor, CDD, University of Florida; Inaugural Member of the Advisory Board, Florida Center for Heterocyclic Compounds, 188体育官网.Professional Membership: ACS, AIC, AAAS, AAPS, IUPAC, New York Academy of Sciences, International Society of Quantum Biology and Pharmacology, Association de Pharmacie Galenique Industrielle. Chairman at the First World Meeting on 药剂学, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology; International Advisory Board, International Conferences on Drug Optimization via Retrometabolism;Inaugural Member of the Florida Center for Heterocyclic Compounds Industrial Advisory Board; Guest Editor of a “hot topic” issue of Current Pharmaceutical Design; Member Editorial Advisory Board Letters in Drug Design & Delivery. Scientific Activity: 126 publications, 23 patents, 127 presentations. Expertise: organic, pharmaceutical, medicinal and theoretical chemistry. Drug design, synthesis and evaluation of novel drugs, prodrugs, chemical drug delivery systems; chemistry 的 synthetic cannabinoids. Basic research scale-up product and process development.


Willy Roth


dr.willy罗斯 学过化学和药理学在美因茨大学和直到他在2009年退休的位置非临床和临床药物代谢和药代动力学/在勃林格殷格翰药效的副总裁,从1988年举行。他在这方面的responsibilitiny包括GLP-生物分析,动物ADME工作,在体外和体内药物代谢和药物转运和数据评估技术的非临床和临床药代动力学分析。博士。罗斯是勃林格殷格翰公司全球药品安全委员会和欧洲的研究和发展委员会成员。此外dr.roth负责在他的区域,包括日本和欧洲之间的非临床药物安全性的部分整合药物研发活动在过去十年中,并促进了与在美国和日本各学术团体的合作。 dr.roth的特长在于对早期药物研发战略,并在GLP和GCP观点药物开发工作包的执行效率的优化。罗斯在1981年pr的.edward Garrett的在UF /盖恩斯维尔,他在那里非线性药动学模型实验室工作花了休假。威利·罗斯是50多个刊物和国际会议45所口头和海报展示的作者。


Marcus Brewster, PhD


博士。马库斯即布鲁斯特 是的高级研究员和药物输送研究,在詹森研究基金会的部门负责人,比利时贝尔泽。他还担任佛罗里达州,药学院作为一种辅助副教授的大学任教。他收到了来自Mercer大学学士学位,1978年和博士学位。来自佛罗里达州的1982年工作的教授的大学。尼古拉斯博多尔。博士。布鲁斯特也花了两年的访问学者在科学的雷霍沃特魏兹曼研究所,以色列(1996-97)。他已出版146篇期刊论文,书面或促成了20本书的章节和程序,并拥有12项专利。他是几个编辑委员会的成员和强生公司卓越的科学奖的获得者。博士。布鲁斯特的主要研究方向包括使用药物的应用,脑靶向给药,通过使用化学品输送系统和分子轨道和其它计算方法在应对化学和生物的关注项目的应用化学修饰的环糊精衍生物。


Hans Schreier


博士。汉斯·施赖埃尔 是MCS微载体系统有限公司,制剂开发公司总部设在德国诺伊斯的创始人和CEO。他获得了 工学硕士。医药。 ETH 度在1976年和他的 博士。 SC。 NAT。 旧金山分校(UCSF)和脂质体技术的资深科学家位置,INC,在门洛帕克 - 从技术(ETH),瑞士苏黎世的瑞士联邦理工学院,随后在加州大学从1981 - 1983年博士后研究,1981年度公园,加州从1983- 1986年。他的学术生涯中,他曾任命为助理教授,并在药房(1986- 1993年)和医学副教授的188体育官网医学院(1993- 1995年)的范德比尔特大学学校大学药剂学副教授。他一直是创始人,董事和高级疗法首席科学家,INC。,非病毒基因递送公司(1995- 1998年),是aryx疗法的创始人之一,洛斯拉图斯山丘,CA,虚拟药物开发和制药发展公司。他是脂质体研究天的执行董事,INC。,一个非营利性组织(自1994年)和两年期国际“脂质体研究日”会议的协办单位。他已经发表了70篇文章,评论和书籍章节,并拥有多项专利。他是最近出版的“靶向给药技术:物理,化学和生物的方法”的编辑器(马塞尔·德克尔,2001)。他的编委 脂质体研究杂志和成员,控释学会(CRS)的当选州长(1996- 1999年)。他认为与个人,企业,机构和科研机构在美国,欧洲,日本和澳大利亚丰富的专业联系。